Friday, November 4, 2016

Clinton Rebounds In ABC News/Washington Post Poll To 4 Point Lead

According to the new ABC News/Washington Post track poll - which a week ago had Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by one point - Clinton has rebounded with a 4 point lead.

You'll notice in the graphic above that Clinton seems steady at 47% over the past three days while Trump is clearly trending down over the same time period.

From ABC News:

Forty-seven percent of likely voters support Clinton with 43 percent for Trump in the latest four-night results. Whether it holds is an open question: Monday night’s results, the best for Clinton in the series, will roll out tomorrow.

While the shifts have been within the survey’s margin of sampling error, the contest has gone from +1 Trump, 45-46 percent, Oct. 30, to +4 Clinton today. Trump’s support now is numerically its lowest since Oct. 25.

Other shifts, all slight, are in sync. With the controversial FBI email announcement fading back a bit, Clinton has regrouped on strong enthusiasm -- up 6 points in just two days, and now essentially even with Trump for the first time since before the Comey letter.

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