Monday, November 7, 2016

CBS News Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump 45% - 41%

CBS News releases it's last poll of the presidential cycle today, and it shows Democrat Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump by 4 points, 45% - 41% respectively.

From CBS News:

Trump leads among white men, whites without a college degree, and seniors. Clinton leads among women, African-Americans and younger voters, and she has an edge among whites with a college degree.

Clinton voters are more likely to strongly favor their candidate than Trump voters, while Trump voters are slightly more likely than Clinton voters to cast their vote because they dislike the other candidates.

Hillary Clinton has now closed the enthusiasm gap – her voters are now slightly more likely to say they are very enthusiastic about voting than Donald Trump’s voters. This is a shift from last week, when Trump voters had the edge on enthusiasm.

According to the survey, few voters say they could change their minds at this point.

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