Monday, November 7, 2016

John Oliver: Ok, I Admit It, Trump Is My Fault

John Oliver, of HBO's Last Week Tonight, finally copped to the fact that it is HE who is to blame for a Donald Trump White House run.

Deadline recaps:
“It is frankly hard to believe there ever was a time when people thought a Trump candidacy would be funny, but there was such a time,” Oliver said, in his own defense. “As you may remember, three years ago I guest-hosted The Daily Show. “And, there is something you should see,” he said, cueing up his video confessional.

In The Daily Show video Oliver responds to an MSNBC report the reality TV star will consider a White House run in ’16, taunting Trump, “Do it! Do it! Look at me! Do it!” as his Comedy Central show audience erupts in gales of laughter. “I will personally write you a campaign check now, on behalf of this country, which does not want you to be president but which badly wants you to run,” Oliver added.

(h/t JoeMyGod)

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