Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Must-See: Sen. Elizabeth Warren's Awesome Take-Down Of Wells Fargo CEO

I'd seen folks post this video of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's epic take down of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf at yesterday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing, but I just got around to watching.

I know a 17 minute video seems long (in internet terms), but this is well-worth the watching.

THIS is what we want to see our elected officials say and do - hold folks accountable.

Without raising her voice, Warren calmly repeats that Well Fargo has perpetuated a "scam." After he claims being "accountable," she directly asks the CEO if he has offered to resign, given back a nickel of the millions and millions he made while Wells Fargo created some 2 million fake accounts to prop up it's stock value (fraud), or if he's asked any senior executive to resign.

This is really great political theater. And what we should be seeing in all our elected officials.

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