Friday, August 19, 2016

Latest Reuters Poll Shows Clinton With 8 Point Lead Over Trump

The latest Reuters national poll, taken between August 14-18, shows Democrat Hillary Clinton has an 8 point lead over Republican Donald Trump.

The survey's results showed that Clinton currently pulls 42% support while Trump has dropped to 34% support.

When factoring in third party candidates, Clinton's margin holds with her getting 41%, Trump 34%, Libertarian Gary Johnson 7% and Green Party's Jill Stein 2%.

Reuters notes that at this point in the 2012 presidential contest, there was barely a 2 point margin between President Obama and opponent Mitt Romney.

In related news, CNN shared it's latest projected electoral college map today. Due to recent polling, CNN has moved several important swing states (New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Virginia) to "lean Democrat" from "Battleground."

For now, this would indicate that Clinton would have 273 electoral votes (you need 270 to win)
if the election were held today.

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