Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trump Says "Ask The Gays" Which Candidate Will Be Better For Them And "The Gays" Respond

What can you say to this latest misstep by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump except #EpicFail?

Clip description:

The latest in a never ending slew of classic Trump responses, this time, an appalling comment surrounding homosexuality in Saudi Arabia.

Trump said, “Ask the gays what they think and what they do, in, not only Saudi Arabia, but many of these countries, and then you tell me who’s your friend, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?”

The fact that Trump is reportedly making potential business deals in Saudi Arabia sent “The gays,” as Trump so lovingly refers to LGTBQ Americans, quickly to Twitter making it very, very clear that Trump is no friend of theirs.

As you can imagine, "the gays" went on a Twitter spree mocking the Orange One to hilarious results.

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