Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump Campaign Paid $35,000 To Possibly Fictional "Draper Sterling" Ad Agency

Folks are talking about Donald Trump's most recent FEC campaign filing, and one item of note is that they paid $35,000 to an ad agency that, it seems, only exists in the world of television.

Props to ThinkProgress’ Judd Legum who noticed the detail when poring over Trump’s financial statements.


Oh dear.

As many of you may remember, "Draper Sterling" is similar to the name of the ad agency in AMC’s hit series, Mad Men. So, it would definitely seem odd that the Trump campaign would make several sizeable payments to "Draper Sterling" in April of this year for web advertising.

Even more - look, there's an address!

Using Google Maps, intrepid folks located the "place of business" for Draper Sterling. And it's a little surprising. Here's a pic of the "offices" for Draper Sterling.

Now, the location is interesting not only because it's a HOUSE, but also because it's not far from now-former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Now, guess who would have ok'd these payments to "Draper Sterling?"

Oh - and one more little detail. Perhaps this factored into why Corey was fired yesterday?


UPDATE: ThinkProgress is now reporting that not only did the bios of two of the players involved with "Draper Sterling"disappear from the website of their medical device company early this morning, shortly thereafter the entire site was yanked offline, replaced with password-only access.

ThinkProgress reached out to a third player for "Draper Sterling," Adam McClain, and this is the response:

When ThinkProgress called Grace’s Grantham Cafe directly on the number listed on its website, Adam McLain answered. (McLain’s super PAC filing says he lives Virginia.)

Asked about his connection to Draper Sterling and what services it provided to his super PAC, McLain said he had “no comment.” Asked whether Grace’s Grantham Cafe was a real cafe that has opened, McLain said he had “no comment.” Asked whether Paul Holzer was his brother, McLain also said he had “no comment.” McLain said he didn’t find the questions “relevant.”

Neither Adkins or Holzer immediately returned inquires from ThinkProgress. An inquiry to the Trump campaign about what services Draper Sterling provided was also not immediately returned.

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