Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump In Battleground States

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads billionaire Donald Trump in a new poll of all-important battleground states.

According to Ballotpedia's battleground poll, Clinton leads Trump:

• 51% to 37% in Florida
• 45% to 41% in Iowa
• 50% to 33% in Michigan
• 48% to 38% in North Carolina
• 46% to 37% in Ohio
• 49% to 35% in Pennsylvania
• 45% to 38% in Virginia

Her leads held at nearly the same margins when Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson was included in the poll. And Clinton led Trump 48% to 37% when all states were factored together. With Johnson included, Clinton led Trump 44% to 34%, with Johnson at 13%.

While nationwide polls are interesting, I always remind readers that the election will basically be won in 7-10 battleground states. Watch these to know which way the election is leaning.

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