Thursday, June 23, 2016

Donald Trump Would "Look Into" Continuing Tradition Of LGBT Pride Proclamation

ABC News' Jon Karl asked the presumptive Republican nominee if he would continue some of the minority outreach that the Obama administration has conducted the past 8 years including presidential proclamations for LGBT Pride month and hosting Ramadan dinner with Muslims:

Trump then went on to argue that he is stronger on the issue than is presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, because he says that she has accepted money from countries that do not respect gay rights through the Clinton Foundation.

“I’m better for women and I’m better for gays. I am better for a lot of people and I think people are starting to see that,” Trump said.

Trump also indicated to Karl that he’d be open to continuing the tradition of hosting an Iftar dinner in celebration of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, as both President Obama and Bush have done.

“It wouldn’t bother me. It wouldn’t bother me,” Trump said. “It’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought to but it wouldn’t bother me.”

Note how Trumpster repeats everything he says. Strange tick, isn't it?

Of course, what the Donald isn't repeating here is that he's told right wing Republicans and pundits that if he were elected he would make nominations to the Supreme Court that would tilt the court far right which could lead to overturning marriage equality in the future. Trump has already stated he isn't in favor of same-sex marriage.

And I'm sure Muslim hear a lot of "hospitality" in the phrase "it wouldn't bother me." How very welcoming.

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