Monday, June 20, 2016

Donald Trump Walks Back 'Guns In Nightclub' Statement

Last week, Donald Trump said that if the folks in the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando had more guns, the outcome would not have been so grim.

A day after the attack, he told radio host Howie Carr: "It's too bad that some of the young people that were killed over the weekend didn't have guns, you know, attached to their hips, frankly, and you know where bullets could have flown in the opposite direction, Howie. It would have been a much different deal. I mean, it sounded like there were no guns. They had a security guard. Other than that there were no guns in the room. Had people been able to fire back, it would have been a much different outcome."

And he said this in a campaign appearance:

Today, he's walking that back...

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