Monday, February 1, 2016

ESPN Cuts To Gus Kenworthy's BF During X Games Coverage

In an effort to show more facets of competitive athletes, it's not unusual for a network to cut to an athlete's loved ones in the crowd of fans at sporting events.

Last weekend, in what might have been a first, ESPN cut to skier Gus Kenworthy's current significant other, Matthew Wilkas, cheering him on during the Aspen X Games. This is the first X Games since Kenworthy publicly came out a few months ago.

Kenworthy told Rolling Stone:
"Yeah, the TV boyfriend thing sounds weird, I know. But everyone I looked up to growing up, they would show their girlfriend on TV – you know, Simon Dumont's girlfriend, or Tanner Hall's girlfriend, or whatever. I was just kind of bummed that it was something that I'd never have. I felt like I was never going to be confident and authentic and introduce someone as my boyfriend to the reporters and have him on TV.

"It was really special to want to do that and be happy about it. It was amazing. I looked up at the screen and saw Matt at the bottom."

Looks like Wilkas may have been a good luck charm as Kenworthy, who had never medaled at the X Games, took home two silver medals at the event.

The handsome athlete shared his enthusiasm at having his bf included in the coverage on his Instagram account.

Great going Gus! And ESPN!

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