Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Digital Pride: First Online, Global Pride Festival

This year, anyone with a computer, laptop or smartphone will be able to take part in LGBTI Pride from anywhere in the world.

LGBT media site Gay Star News is planning Digital Pride - the first-ever global streaming Pride event.

Via press release:

Everything a Pride should be for everyone in the world.

The LGBTI Pride movement is going fully online for the first time with a new global event – Digital Pride.

Created by Gay Star News, the Digital Pride festival will start on 25 April with the main Pride day on 30 April.

You will be invited to join live-streamed video discussions on topics ranging from identity and isolation to international LGBTI rights.

Help us celebrate our culture with the ultimate crowd-sourced LGBTI music playlist, stop-motion art creations and a short film festival – all shared entirely online.

Celebrities, politicians, activists and YouTube stars will be joining in with video messages and the world’s leading social media channels will help amplify the message of LGBTI love.

And it will all lead up to a big party with live performances – all live streamed, so people who have never had the chance to go to a gay club can be part of it all from the safety of their own homes.

Scott Nunn, Gay Star News director, said: ‘For a lot of people going to a Pride is not an option. They could risk their lives by trying to be open and proud about who they are.

‘The LGBTI community connects digitally more than any other way and we have used our power online to accelerate change around the world.

‘It’s time we brought the power of digital to the Pride movement with this global event.

‘This isn’t just a Pride for one city or even one country. A parade and party are great but Pride can and should be so much more.

‘So Digital Pride in 2016 will build the foundations for an annual LGBTI festival that will become the biggest Pride event in the world. And, in the spirit of Pride, it will be free.’

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