Monday, February 29, 2016

Broadway Legend Betty Buckley Has Had Enough Of The Ugly Political Discourse

Today, my dear friend, Betty Buckley, who happens to be a Broadway legend, put her foot down and declared the political season ugly and undone.

Miss Betty Lynn made it clear the ugliness must stop.

I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you Miss Betty for your clarity of voice and truth.

We are friends, and she knows I love her. Our friendship is based on this, because she lives by her truth.

This. This right here. Read this.

Dear Friends,

I have reached my Tipping Point. This is the worst political season I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. We are at a new and precarious low in our great Country's history. I believe in free speech and wholesome debate. And the debasing and contemptuous, racist, sexist, homophobic, hate-filled posts I read every day are making me feel very ill.

I cannot abide the distortion of the founding principles of our Country, our Constitution and Christianity itself. While I have many friends here with differing views than my own, I have worked hard to be tolerant and open, and I have shared with you, individually, as respectfully as I am able.

And, now, I need to say this: I will not tolerate any further bashing of President Obama on my page. I will not allow any further mindless, propaganda based bashing of Hillary Clinton. I will not allow hatred or contempt here. That's one thing I can do. While I have tried to be open to conversation and debate, I now feel that this coming election rhetoric has descended to a new low. I am done! If you post something ugly on my page I will block you. If you show even a shred of disrespect not only for our President and my candidate or any other human being, here, I will block you. Whether or not we have been "friends" online or in person, I simply will NOT allow it.

And I also need to say to my Republican and Right Wing friends: Donald Trump is clearly a narcissistic psychopath. He is a dangerous man! He and/or Cruz would take us back to the Dark Ages. If you aren't awake to that fact, I ask that you rethink the fundamental human and humane issues. The only way we all win is if we work together to find compromise and treat one another with respect and fundamental courtesy.
I will NOT abide inhumanity or the representation of ignorant, cruel belief systems here.

With respect and love,

Betty Lynn

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