Saturday, January 16, 2016

Out Music: GLEE's Alex Newell "This Ain't Over"

GLEE's Alex Newell, who played the ground-breaking trans character "Unique," drops this lead single from his upcoming EP POWER.

The video, "This Ain't Over," opens with a bit of "Rocky Horror Picture Show" homage as Newell's voice cuts like a laser through the disco/dance/pop tapestry.

The lyrics also speak to personal power:

“No doubt you wrote me off long ago / But now I won’t give up / This ain’t over / And each time you let me off, cut the rope / I just come back harder / This ain’t over.”

The single is out now; POWER will be available February 19th.

Newell hits the road with Adam Lambert February 23rd in Huntington, NY.

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