Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton To Alabama's Anti-Gay Roy Moore: "Marriage Equality Is The Law Of The Land"

From Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton via press release:

“Marriage equality is now the law of the land — including in Alabama. Today’s unconstitutional order reminds us that, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that all Americans have the right to marry the person they love, our work is far from over.

“There are still judges who are determined to stand in the way of people’s rights. There are still politicians who argue the Court got it wrong and states should ignore its ruling.

“We need to ensure that marriage equality is guaranteed and enforced nationwide. And we need to fight discrimination against LGBT Americans wherever it occurs.

“There are places where you can get married on Sunday and are at risk of being fired from your job or evicted from your home on Monday because you’re gay.

“That’s not how it should be in the United States of America. As President, I’ll fight for the equal rights of all Americans, no matter who they are or who they love.”

That's my next president.

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