Saturday, January 2, 2016

CNN's Don Lemon To Kathy Griffin On The Air: "Nice Rack"

During a stroll through Times Square with Anderson Cooper during the CNN coverage of New Year's Eve, comedian Kathy Griffin dropped her coast to walk sans blouse.

CNN's Don Lemon remarked from New Orleans to Griffin, "nice rack - didn't know you had all that going on up there."

Lemon, who is openly gay, was also sipping from a cup during the evening which his co-host Brooke Baldwin took from him after the comment.

Anderson Cooper (also openly gay) responded to Griffin dropping her coat with "you've got a rocking bod, I have to say."

Thoughts? Was this a bad thing? Was it just New Year's Eve antics? Does it matter that Lemon or Cooper are gay? If a straight male news anchor told a guest they had a "nice rack" would that fly?

Or are folks just bored and making a mountain out of two nicely "racked" mole hills?

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