Saturday, January 9, 2016

Alabama: Birmingham News Says "Roy Moore Is Delusional About Roy Moore"

 The editorial board in Alabama has a scathing op-ed addressing misguided, anti-gay State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore and his latest attempts to stop same-sex marriage in his state.

Just an excerpt - from the folks who know him best:

It is time Roy Moore realized that he is wrong. He is wrong on this issue, he is wrong in thinking he might ever be governor of Alabama, he is wrong in seeing himself as of presidential timber, he is wrong in thinking that he matters.

Already, there are citizen calls for his impeachment. He will soon go into retirement and be remembered as a bigot, disrespectful of the law and of his fellow human beings. That might be the only memory he has earned in his time in public office. And, hopefully, Alabama’s citizens will be remembered as the ones who showed him the door.

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