Monday, September 28, 2015

Putin: "We Have No Persecution At All" Of LGBTs In Russia

In advance of his appearance before the United Nations, Russian President Putin gave an interview to CBS' 60 Minutes where he "defended" his county's treatment of LGBTs saying

"The problem of sexual minorities in Russia had been deliberately exaggerated from the outside for political reasons, I believe, without any good basis," he tells Charlie Rose.

"We have no persecution at all. People of non-traditional sexual orientation work, they live in peace, they get promoted, they get state awards for their achievements in science and arts or other areas. I personally have awarded them medals."

"I don't see anything un-democratic in this legal act," Putin tells 60 Minutes. "I believe we should leave kids in peace. We should give them a chance to grow, help them to realize who they are and decide for themselves. Do they consider themselves a man or a woman? A female? A male? Do they want to live in a normal, natural marriage or a non-traditional one? That's the only thing I wanted to talk about. I don't see here any infringement on the rights of gay people."

"We ensure their rights. In Russia, there are equal rights for everyone." SRSLY?

Excuse me while as I disagree with Mr. Putin's version of the treatment of LGBTs in his country. It's been well documented the horrendous treatment gays and lesbians have suffered under his rule.

Watch the interchange below:

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