Saturday, March 28, 2015

Indiana: NBA Legend Charles Barkley Calls Foul On SB101

Indiana's SB101, signed into law Thursday by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R), has former NBA legend Charles Barkley calling for the NCAA to move the NCAA Final Four tournament out of Indiana.

The newly enacted law “prohibits state or local governments from substantially burdening a person’s ability to exercise their religion,” according to The Indianapolis Star.

In essence, the law gives businesses a legal foundation to refuse service to LGBT individuals in the name of religious freedom.

“Discrimination in any form is unacceptable to me,” Barkley said in a statement Friday afternoon. “As long as anti-gay legislation exists in any state, I strongly believe big events such as the Final Four and Super Bowl should not be held in those states’ cities.”

In addition, another former NBA star - Reggie Miller - tweeted his disappointment over "legalized" discrimination in his adopted home state.

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