Sunday, March 29, 2015

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Will Seek To "Clarify" Newly Passed "License To Discriminate" Law

Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana

After a week of scorching backlash over the passage of Indiana's "license to discriminate" law - SB101 - Gov Mike Pence has announced he intends to file new legislation to "clarify" the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Pence says he didn't anticipate the "hostility" that has been leveled at the state over the anti-gay legislation. He declined to provide details about the upcoming "clarification" but said that making LGBT Indiana residents a protected legal class is “not on my agenda.”

Pence said repeatedly that the intense blowback against the new law is the result of a “misunderstanding driven by misinformation,” and disputes the law allows state-sanctioned anti-LGBT discrimination.

Freedom Indiana finds Pence's response a bit on the disingenuous side, as campaign manager Katie Blair issued the following statement:

“You can’t ‘clarify’ discrimination. Indiana now has billions of dollars and thousands of jobs on the line, all because the Governor wouldn’t stop this dangerous bill. He has a second chance to save our reputation for Hoosier hospitality, but he has to stand up and protect LGBT Hoosiers.

“Discrimination is not a core Hoosier value, and we can’t afford to let our state continue to suffer. Please, Governor, listen to the voices of common sense and reason trying to get through to you. Fix the bill to protect all Hoosiers, and make it clear our state is open for business again.”

HRC's Chad Griffin chimed in via Twitter:

And Lambda Legal offered this bit of free advice:

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