Saturday, March 28, 2015

Indiana: Angie's List Rethinks $40 Million Expansion Due To SB101

The popular business review website, Angie's List, has been based in Indianapolis, Indiana, since 1995.

The $315 million corporation has had a $40 million renovation on it's schedule, which would include moving the main offices across town and adding 1000 new jobs over five years.

Now, however, it seems that the state lawmakers and Republican Governor Mike Pence's new Indiana "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" have put those renovations (and the $40 million in economic impact to the city) on hold.

"Angie's List is open to all and discriminates against none and we are hugely disappointed in what this bill represents," CEO Bill Oesterle said in a statement today, adding, the expansion is "on hold until we fully understand the implications of the freedom restoration act on our employees, both current and future."

The company announcement added it "will begin reviewing alternatives for the expansion of its headquarters immediately."

Good job, Gov. Mike Pence and legislators.

You're really doing a heck of a job.

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