Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy birthday to Ian Ziering

Just one of many magazine covers that welcomed uber-fit Ian Ziering to Las Vegas in 2013

Today is Beverly Hills 90210/Sharknado star Ian Ziering's birthday. And man, does he make 50 looks awesome.

I got to meet and get to know Ian last year when he came roaring into Las Vegas last year as the most successful guest host Chippendales had seen since beginning a practice of bringing celebrity stars into the iconic Vegas production.

I knew of Ian's work of course - who could miss the mega-hit show "Beverly Hills 90210" in the 90s? With Broadway, TV and film under his belt, just about the only thing he hadn't conquered was headlining in Las Vegas.

As legend has it, when the call came to come front the Chipps in Vegas, Ian was quick to admit that in light of taking time to care for his family - he had a two year old at home and daughter number two on the way in mere weeks - he had in fact skipped some time at the gym. More impressively, with six weeks between offer and opening night, he hit the gym hard, pulled his nutrition into line and wowed the crowd at Chippendales the night of his Vegas debut.

Then came the massive success of "Sharknado" on Syfy Network. Ian was the first to really "get"  what the movie was and how pop culture would embrace it.  I understand the sequel "Sharknado 2: The Next One" just wrapped filming in NYC and promises to be an even bigger pop phenom than the first. Credit savvy Ian to "get it" all along the way.  Plus, he really proved himself as a bonefide action movie star. 

In addition, last year as I was reclaiming my own fitness getting ready to go into CHICAGO the Musical once again for the Hollywood Bowl, Ian was my "zen master" texting me daily, holding me to task and commitment. I thank Ian in great part for keeping me in line to my own weight loss and reaching my fitness goals. I got NO pass from Ian.  Every day there was another text message challenge - "Crack a deck of cards and whatever card comes up, do that many push-ups now!  Flip another card and do it again!"

Ian's terrific - a real pro, a great family man, and a guy anyone would like to hang with.  "Steve Sanders" was a role - Ian Ziering is the man.  And trust me, he knows the difference.

I hope he has time today to spend with his family, who I know is the center of his life, and he gets to kick back and enjoy reflecting maybe just a little of his first half-century.

Congrats on entering the 50 club man. You rock. Looking forward to what's next in your adventure.

Me with Shannen Doherty, Ian Ziering, Jennie Garth and hubby Michael Caprio

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