Friday, July 26, 2013

Mind over (20lbs of) matter

Picture taken today - 5am,  July 26, 2013

So, seven weeks ago I was asked, as I've shared before, to be a part of the Hollywood Bowl production of CHICAGO The Musical. My first full production gig onstage in 8 years. And tonight is opening night.

Many regular readers of The Randy Report know that in another life I was an actor and dancer on Broadway; something I loved and am very proud of.  It was flattering to be asked to be a part of this amazing production directed by Brooke Shields, choreographed by Greg Butler, with music direction by Emmy Award nominee Rob Fisher.

This came at a good time for me. I was approaching my 50th birthday, I had grown 20 lbs out of shape, and I needed incentive/inspiration to take charge of my health, fitness and nutrition.

So I happily accepted the chance to be onstage again, and made a decision to get back into my former dancing shape and weight. The goal was to pull it up, discipline myself, lose 20 lbs, reorganize my approach to nutrition and GET. IT. DONE.

Not for ego.

For myself. For perspective on life.

For me.

I was going to take charge of something, make myself accountable, and meet this goal.

And, I was going to take a picture of my weight on the scale to MAKE me accountable for really reaching this goal. 

The last time I was onstage in a full theater production was in 2005;  I was inshape and 150 lbs.  My goal was to get back to that fitness level (without chemical assistance, I might add).  That meant getting back to 150 lbs.  There would be NO not meeting the goal.

This post is my celebration of all these things, and the universe collaborating with me for everything to come together.  And not only "come together," but at the right time to mean something to me.

The pictures here are not about "hey look at me, I think I'm hot." I get to hang with Chippendales occasionally, so I know what "hot" is and I don't think I'm that.  Clearly I could be in even better shape.

But - I promised myself I'd post the "before and after" pic no matter what I looked on the day of my self-imposed deadline -  opening night of CHICAGO.  Pressure.

The "before and after" pics below are completely un-retouched. NO Photoshop (much to my chagrin - I can't believe I'm posting them). This isn't a p90x or INSANITY ad; no body oil or professional lighting.  I'm guessing I'd look better if it were.  These are simple iPhone pics.

The results are a combination of changes in my nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. Nothing spectacular, but the results are mine.

I'm sharing this to show that we all can set and achieve goals - no matter who you are, no matter what age you are.

I'm proud that I didn't give up - which I wanted to often.  So many times, it crossed my mind to acquiesce and say "well, 152 lbs or 151 lbs is ok..."  But every time, I looked my goal in the eye and said "I will not NOT meet this.  I WILL do this." 

So, here we are, kids.  Opening night and I've reached this goal.  I feel good.  The show (not talking about me here) is so fab.  The cast is beautiful and talented, and our director and creative team have given us all we need.  Moments like these are gifts, and I can't wait for tonight.

And my next goal.

No fear.


Seven weeks ago (L) & today at 5am (R) completely unretouched
I can't believe I'm posting this...

Back in CHICAGO The Musical costume, with a little CHICAGO attitude :)
I take none of this for granted. Thank you, universe.


  1. Wow! Congrats.....All the hard work paid off!....Btw, time for a picture without a pant on....LOL!

  2. Btw, you look more like a 40's instead of 50's now! Good job!

  3. Wow! You look fantastic. Fantastic job Randy. You inspire.

  4. Wow Randy.. Good job! You look amazing. but then you always do xo

  5. Can you sum up what you did to get there in terms of diet and exercise? I bet diet was the biggest contributor... here in our late 40s it seems the key to a lot of things.

  6. You seriously look fantastic. Can you sum up what the major change you made was? I'd lay odds on diet. Getting back in the drill, yes, but based on my experience with the mid-40s... food is SO MUCH of how one looks and feels.