Thursday, August 29, 2013

"RuPaul Drives..." with Henry Rollins

RuPaul is behind the wheel, and picking up passengers on the streets of Hollywood! RuPaul Drives... is the brand-new webseries produced by World of Wonder.

"Everyone in LA needs a lift, spiritually and physically," said the Supermodel of the World. "From drag racing to a leisure drive, I always enjoy being behind the wheel." The concept is simple: Every episode RuPaul will chauffeur a special guest vagabond with no clear destination in sight. These drifters paint the town with she-larious moments, sprinkled with bite size gems of RuPaul's wisdom.

In the newest episode, Ru picks up hottie renaissance man, lead singer of Black Flag & LGBT ally Henry Rollins, and takes him to go pick up some art.

Along the way they talk about relationships - with fans and with lovers.

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RuPaul and Henry Rollins

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