Saturday, April 27, 2013

NFL agrees to not ask questions about sexuality of potential players

(image via Memegraph)
After discussions with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who last month expressed concern over reports that potentional recruits at the NFL Combine were being asked questions to possibly determine whether or not they are gay, the NFL has announced it will be reinforcing policies against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Via Capital New York:
Under an agreement reached with the NFL and the Player’s Association, the league’s collective bargaining agreement will be expanded to protect newly recruited players from being asked questions such as whether they like women or have a girlfriend.

"Schneiderman’s office was concerned the questions were designed to determine whether a player is gay and potentially block them from being drafted. At the same time, posters will be added to locker rooms directing players to call the Player’s Association if they suspect there is discrimination.

“These interviews determine the future course of their lives… We’re just making sure the non-discrimination applies to everyone,” Schneiderman said in the interview.

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