Thursday, March 28, 2013

PA: Excellent letter from state Rep. Brian Sims to Sen. Bob Casey

Openly gay state Rep. Brian Sims of Pennsylvania has written an open letter to US Senator Bob Casey regarding the Senator's silence on the topic of marriage equality, especially in light of so many politicians making public announcements of support:

Senator Casey, seven years ago I joined hundreds of thousands of LGBT Pennsylvanians in support of your candidacy in an effort to remove Senator Rick Santorum, one of the most anti-LGBT legislators in modern history, from public office. We worked tirelessly and we celebrated your victory, even as many of us struggled to reconcile our support for you with our fundamental beliefs in women’s reproductive rights, beliefs which you do not share.

We have believed since you were sworn in that when the time was right, when it really mattered, you would be there for equality. The time is right and we need you to be here.

But your voice is silent. And I am angry.

Senator, I know you. I know how we have interacted and I know that you have respect for me as a gay man. More importantly, I know that LGBT people surround you in virtually every area of your life, personal and professional. You have never had a shortage of interaction with the LGBT community and that is what makes it so confusing that you have not made up your mind on equality. Or have you?

You really need to read the entire letter. It's honest, bold and direct.

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