Monday, November 26, 2012

Interview: Gareth Thomas in The Observer

Just a bit from Gareth Thomas' interview in The Observer:

• My fear of coming out wasn't about rejection. I was scared people would say: "Why were you lying to me? If you've been lying about that what else are you lying about?" Lying is my biggest regret.

• My sport was my comfort. The routine, the camaraderie, the team… everyone's around you. After rugby you're on your own. Every day was the same, but now it's different and that's really scary. I had to change my mindset, stop fearing what I didn't know.

• People say getting fit is 90% diet and 10% exercise, but that's bollocks. If you train hard you earn the right to a chocolate bar.

• Other sportsmen have confided in me that they're gay. The advice I give is that coming out is great for you as a person, but that you also have to remember you're a role model. As a sportsman you take the money and the glory, but you also take the responsibility that comes with it and make sure the stories that follow are positive.

• Neither my ex-wife nor I regret getting married. There was so much good in the seven years we spent together. The regret for me is the hurt I caused not just her but my parents, too.

• Am I British? No way. I'm as Welsh as you can get.

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(via The Observer)

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