Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cher shares her new song "Womans World"

Cher released her new single today via her Twitter account, four days before its official iTunes release date on November 26.

Tweeted Cher: "Happy Thanksgiving! ... when I started singing it I thought about strong Famous Women….Then I Thought “fk That””THIS IS A WOMAN’S WORLD” We’re All Strong ! MEN 2 !"

The track is off her first studio album in 10 years.


  1. Awesome song! I love it! Can't wait for the album. Also check out the new Kristine W album "New & Number One's" it's flawless. When is Olivia's Dance cd coming out? It's taking way too long.

  2. LOL... Olivia JUST released her new holiday CD. She can't release albums back to back - have to let the public breathe a bit. The new dance/pop CD is definitely coming out, just have to space things out a bit. I'm hoping to see the dance/pop CD mid-2013.... But glad to hear fans are excited about it :)

    1. Randy, have to disagree - Olivia needs to ride the wave to get her back on top - she has to take this exposure from Xmas release (will only get brief seasonal attention) and give the fans what they really want - relevant music - ASAP in 2013. Out of sight, out of mind - cliche, but in the fickle entertainment world - reality - especially for someone like Olivia, who is an "unknown" for 2 generations of pop music buyers. AFBM soundtrack should have provided the opportunity to get her heard, but for some reason no one promoted it beyond Australia - didn't make a dent in N.A. - its a shame - Devil Gate Drive should have been the lead off. Put the new stuff out ASAP - This Xmas, will be quick liv'd (pun intended). I bought it for the charity, I already had enough Xmas music from ONJ - give us new pop/rock with an edge!

    2. I appreciate your thoughts. But looking at the schedule, Olivia is already booked for January; February she's back on the road here in the states before heading to UK in March. So now we're at April. I'm sure you don't want her to release a music project and not be available to promote it?

      Plus - very important here - she's about to do promotion for the holiday CD in early December. Practically all of the talk shows that are outlets for exposure don't rebook celebs within 6 months or so. Just the way it works. So if she were to release in Jan/Feb, besides already having a full schedule, it would be difficult to get the proper exposure for the project.

      Which again takes us to near mid-2013...

    3. Hi Randy,
      Is sort of agree with anonymous above. We have been waiting so long for a pop/dance cd and she keeps saying it's coming, it's coming. That's been going on since 2005. Hopefully it will get a spring release so we can dance to these songs next summer. I would be thrilled just to get a partial track listing. I have been excited about this project for many years and I've been a lifelong Olivia fan. Thanks for listening. xo

    4. Thanks Randy, appreciate the scheduling challenges but overexposure is the new norm in the biz. Hopefully we at least get a couple of singles/tracks pre-released to build up to the full set launch. What better time to promote the new project then on tour in early 2013. (btw - just saw her in Canada - she looks and sounds fantastic) None the less, glad to hear new stuff will finally arrive. Been a fan forever - Cheers! GC

  3. Has Olivia heard this new Cher song? If not she needs too. This is the kind of music we want. We want to hear her music in the clubs and on the radio. I have lots of DJ's wanting new music from her but the mixes need to be at least 6-10 minutes long for the clubs. xo

  4. Since the song was just released yesterday, I'm thinking Olivia probably hasn't heard it yet... :)

    She has been working on and off for two years on the upcoming pop/dance CD (please note I included the word "pop" in there because everyone keeps calling it a "dance" CD. The plan is to include dance and pop tracks on the CD. Clearly she can't release a pop/dance CD as she's releasing a Christmas CD. Hoping it comes out sometime mid-2013 or so.