Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Superstar rugby player Ben Foden gets a bit wild at Barcelona bachelor party

Superstar rugby player Ben Foden—seen here in a Cosmopolitan UK pictorial raising awareness for testicular and prostate cancer—is in trouble with his soon-to-be wife for a different photo.

Over the weekend at a bachelor party in Barcelona, Foden joined some dancers at a strip club by peeling off his kit (British slang for clothes).

The UK’s Daily Sun, which has posted the image in question (with Foden’s privates tastefully blurred), says the sports star’s fiancee, Una Healy, is “fuming” about the incident.  “She was shocked to see those pictures and Ben is in the doghouse big time since she found out.”

Oops.  I guess this is the problem with being famous AND wanting a wild bachelor party.  Even if you leave the country.  Somebody is going to have a camera these days.

On a lighter note - man, do rugby players have great bodies. 

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