Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rick Perry supports repeal of NH marriage equality

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, pandering to conservatives in New Hampshire, praised legislators in the state for working to repeal the state's same-sex marriage law.

"As conservatives we believe in the sanctity of life. We believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage," Perry said at the annual banquet for Cornerstone Action, a conservative advocacy group. "And I applaud those legislators in New Hampshire who are working to defend marriage as an institution between one man and one woman, realizing that children need to be raised in a loving home by a mother and a father."

In June 2009, New Hampshire became the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. A bill to repeal New Hampshire's gay marriage law passed a House committee this week.

In August, Perry signed a pledge to support a constitutional amendment against gay marriage.

SRSLY. A candidate for public office campaigning for inequality.

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