Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Washington Post Launches New "Bottomless Pinocchio" Rating For Trump's Repeated Lies

Donald Trump

The Washington Post Fact Checker is beginning a new fact-checking rating for politicians - the "Bottomless Pinocchio.

That dubious distinction will be awarded to politicians who repeat a false claim so many times that they are, in effect, engaging in campaigns of disinformation.

The bar for the Bottomless Pinocchio is high: The claims must have received three or four Pinocchios from The Fact Checker, and they must have been repeated at least 20 times. Twenty is a sufficiently robust number that there can be no question the politician is aware that his or her facts are wrong. The list of Bottomless Pinocchios will be maintained on its own landing page.

The Fact Checker has not identified statements from any other current elected official who meets the standard other than Trump. In fact, 14 statements made by the president immediately qualify for the list.

Among the whoppers that Trump continues to repeat that qualify for the "Bottomless Pinocchio" include the Democrats 'colluding' with the Russians in the 2016 election (48 times); calling his tax cut legislation "the biggest tax cut in history (123 times); and boasting that the U.S. is experiencing 'the best economy in the history of the country (99 times).

There's much more at the link.

What a dubious distinction.

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