Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Police Report: There's Video Evidence In The Sex Assault Case Against Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey

The sexual assault case involving Oscar winner Kevin Spacey includes video evidence of the actor touching the alleged victim’s pants, according to

As reported earlier this week, Spacey is scheduled to be arraigned in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on January 7.

The former House of Cards star faces one count of indecent assault on a person over the age of 14 after being accused of groping an 18-year-old in a Nantucket bar in the summer of 2016.

The alleged victim is the son of local news anchor Heather Unruh, who came forward last year with the story.

MassLive obtained the State Police report after it was filed with criminal complaint in Nantucket District Court.

It’s worth noting that the alleged assault was reported to police on October 31, 2016, a year before the onslaught of accusations against Spacey that eventually led to his firing from the hit Netflix series House of Cards and being replaced in the film, All the Money in the World.

Among the details revealed in the police report:

The teen was employed at the bar where the alleged incident took place, known as the Club Car, as a bus boy.

He asked a coworker to introduce him to Spacey after his shift.

While chatting, the teen told Spacey he was 23-years-old and the actor offered to buy him a drink.

The teen admitted to having 4-5 beers before Spacey reportedly suggested switching to whiskey saying, “Let’s get drunk.”

As the evening progressed, singing songs at a piano, the boy mentioned his girlfriend of five months to which Spacey alleged responded to by talking about the size of his penis.

Spacey reportedly asked the boy to go back to the where house he was staying, which the teen says made him uncomfortable.

Later, standing in group of people at the piano, Spacey allegedly began touching the teen’s leg, then unzipped his pants and touched him without consent.

The police trooper wrote in the report the teen was uncertain how to handle the situation as he knew he could get in trouble as he was under legal drinking age and he was drinking at work.

The boy admitted to police that he didn’t say anything nor did he walk away during the assault.

As the touching went on for some minutes, he took out his phone and captured video of Spacey groping him via Snapchat and sent it to his girlfriend. The girlfriend has confirmed receiving the video.

Eventually, Spacey went to the bathroom and Unruh’s son told a woman in the bar he thought Spacey was being inappropriate. He then ran home and shared the story with his sister.

The police report notes that the son has attempted to play down the incident, but his sister and mother both feel that response has been a ‘coping mechanism.’

Unruh’s son eventually went to the police and an investigation began.

Interviewing members of the Club Car staff, no one reported seeing any assault although two employees recalled the teen and Spacey chatting. And one remembered the boy looking “pale, blank and a bit frightened.”

As Instinct reported, the day the charges were announced, Spacey tweeted out a link to a bizarre YouTube video. The tweet was his first in a year.

Spacey delivered a monologue to the camera as his former House of Cards character, ‘Frank Underwood,’ saying in part, “But, you wouldn’t believe the worst without evidence, would you?”

In the heat of the #MeToo movement last year, Spacey was accused by actor Anthony Rapp (RENT, Star Trek: Discovery) of inappropriate behavior at a holiday party decades ago when both were appearing on Broadway. Rapp was 14 at the time of that alleged incident.

Spacey responded to Rapp's accusation by saying he was 'horrified' by the story but didn't remember it. He then offered an apology to Rapp characterizing the episode as what must have been "deeply drunken behavior."

He also used the apology to finally come out as gay after years of rumors.

During the following weeks, more than a dozen more allegations of sexual misconduct involving Spacey were reported.

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