Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Nevada Elects Dead Pimp To Office Over Live Democrat

Dennis Hof

One more election result from the midterm elections to chat on.

There was lots of talk on cable news last night about how unpredictable elections tend to be in Florida.

But Nevada has its own unusual result that definitely lands in the ‘who would have thought’ category.

And it really explains how determined some folks are to just vote their party whether it pays off or not.

Dennis Hof, who’s a bit of a celebrity in the Silver State as the owner of seven legally-run brothels, won his race in the state Assembly District 36 by 26 points, defeating his Democratic opponent Lesia Romanov 63% to 37%.

Its a deep red district, and his semi-fame (he and one of his brothels is the subject of the HBO series Cathouse) surely helped him out.

The only problem is he died last month after partying hardy on his 72nd birthday.

According to state laws, it was too late to remove his name from the ballot.

District 36 covers all of Nye County and parts of Lincoln and Clark counties. So all three boards of commissioners will have to come together and agree on a replacement for the ‘vacancy.’

Nye County Commission Chairman John Koenig told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the commissioners will “probably put an advertisement in the newspaper, and solicit names for a short period of time.”

So Florida may have its surprises, but as Eric Herzik, political science chair at the University of Nevada/Reno said, “We voted for a dead man.”

(h/t Las Vegas Review Journal)

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