Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Did An Uber Driver Request Sex In Exchange For A Free Ride?

Matthew Marston says an Uber driver offered him a free ride for sex
Matthew Marston says an Uber driver offered him a free ride for sex
I know you should tip your driver, but this might be a bit much.

Orlando resident Matthew Marston was just trying to get to work on Monday when he fired up Uber on his phone and ordered a ride.

What he wasn’t prepared for though was the text message he received from the driver once his fare was accepted.

According to local NBC affiliate WESH, the Uber driver reportedly sent Marston a message which read, “Hey, I’ll give you a free ride if you let me (commit a sexual act).”

Clearly, Marston was stunned, telling WESH, “I was shocked. It felt uncomfortable.”

Uncomfortable? Umm, yeah…you could say that.

Even though it was 3AM in the morning, Marston cancelled the ride. But Uber slapped him with a $5 cancellation fine.

He admits he had to think twice before ordering a new Uber, but he had to get to work, so he tuned up the app once again. This time with no complications.

Marston says he tried to get in touch with Uber but hasn’t been able to get anyone from the freelance transit company to respond.

Bob Hazen of WESH called the phone number for the driver but the call went straight to voicemail.

Hazen spoke with an Uber spokesman who said they were aware of the incident and investigating. They also relayed that Marston’s $5 had been refunded.

Uber told Hazen that the company was looking into whether another person could have accessed the account and sent the offending text.

(h/t WESH)

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