Saturday, October 6, 2018

My Favorite Thing Today: "O'Leary Car Ride - Showtunes 2018"

Colin O'Leary and mom, Carol


Stop, drop and scroll down to watch the awesomely over-the-top Colin O'Leary in his latest installment of "O'Leary Car Ride" videos.

This one, "Showtunes 2018," laid me out. And lots of others as well since the videos been seen over a million times on Facebook alone.

Broadway luminaries like Tony Award winner Betty Buckley and Gavin Creel have shared and commented on the video.

Colin gets more and more creative as he moves from song to song, escalating the level of costumes and production values.

God bless his mom, Carol, for keeping a straight face.

Pay attention and see if you know what musicals each 'performance' is gleaned from.

After this week, we need this.

Make sure you don't miss Colin's triumphant finale :)

(h/t Collier Bell)

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