Saturday, September 8, 2018

UPDATE: Meet 'Plaid Shirt Guy' From Trump Rally

Update - CNN's Don Lemon chats with 'plaid shirt guy' whose name is Tyler Linfesty, a Billings West High School senior.

Watch his informative interview with Lemon below.


With all the hyperbolic statements Donald Trump made last night at a rally in Billings, Montana, one attendee was unable to suppress his expressions.

Take a look at green plaid shirt guy - hysterical.

Eventually, someone noticed and decided the guy was not 'Trumpian' enough to sit behind the Trumpster.

But this has to be my favorite moment of the rally. Check out green plaid shirt guy wondering "Have you?" when the president says he's picked up "a lot" of support.

Last thing I have to point out: with all of Trump's 'respect for the American flag' talk, take a look at how this one female support 'respects' the flag - by wiping her nose with it.

I'll take a knee any day.

Oh! Oh - one more. Trump trying and failing twice to pronounce the word "anonymous" is pretty funny.

Green plaid shirt guy steals Trump's thunder (click to enlarge pic)

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