Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cher Teases First Track From Upcoming ABBA Covers Album

Cher thrilled fans yesterday as she teased the first single from her upcoming ABBA covers album.

The track, "Gimme Gimme Gimme," offers the proper reverence to the 70s/80s super group but with Cher's trademark throaty vocal style.

Gay Star News gushes:

Yes, there’s definitely something very 90s about Gimme, and there’s obviously something 70s about it, too. But it’s also very now. It’s nostalgic, but not cheap; it’s not chasing trends or vying for chart positions, thus it’s perfect for streaming, so confident is it in its camp, timeless quality.

This song, and most likely the album, fuses the two together to produce a piercing, crowd-pleasing result. Whether you listen to it on repeat, give it a single spin on Spotify, or hear it in passing it on the radio, we dare you to dislike it, to not tap your foot along to those 12 iconic central syllables.

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