Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tease: 'House Of Cards' Starring Robin Wright

Robin Wright as "President Claire Underwood"

In the aftermath of sex abuse allegations against actor Kevin Spacey, Netflix cut the Oscar winner loose from the acclaimed series House of Cards and has announced the final season of the political drama will focus on Robin Wright's "Claire Underwood" serving as president of the United States.

The streaming network dropped this tease on July 4 with Wright delivering the single line, "Happy Independence Day, to me."

The last season saw 'Claire' ascend to the presidency with the promise that she would pardon Spacey's  'Frank Underwood' from multiple crimes. The final scene saw 'Claire' dodge that promise, and for the first time she turned to address the viewing audience (as 'Frank' had done throughout the series) and say, "My turn."

Both hubby Michael and I are big fans of the series. At any given badass moment, we've declared to the living room, "I want to be Claire Underwood!"

Squeee! Can't wait!

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