Saturday, June 30, 2018

He Likes To Sing In The Shower

Porn star Dario Beck likes to sing in the shower
(image via Instagram)

Boy Culture discovered this bit of shower silliness and it seems perfect for a Saturday post.

The singer's name is Dario Beck and it would seem his comfort in front of a camera (almost naked) probably comes from the fact that he's a porn performer from Spain.

And yes, that is his real voice.

The clip's a bit goofy, but I think it works in overall cheekiness.

A few more facts about the Spaniard:

• He's a German/Spanish mix who speaks four languages: Spanish, German, Italian and English'

• Loves good coffee, and that's all he has during the day until about 4PM

• Avid reader with over 4,000 books in his home library

• Served in the army

• Studied law, economics and art at university

But on to the music :)

(h/t Boy Culture)

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