Thursday, May 10, 2018

#TBT - Whitney Houston & Jermaine Jackson "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful"

(I'm using the GH cover as this version has been remastered)

A little #TBT action as I sit back a relive the days I wore down my cassette tape (!!!) of this duet, "If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful," by Jermaine Jackson and a young Whitney Houston.

A bit of history about this recording: Whitney was deemed ineligible for "Best New Artist" in 1986 when her first solo album dropped because this duet with Jermaine had been released prior and she was considered "not new."

Isn't that silly? Anyway...

Everything here takes me back: the oh-so-80s music production, Jermaine's light but shining vocals, and then - my girl.

So much here was a sign of what was to come. So sweet in the beginning, but take note of moments like the 2:40 mark and 3:32. Boom!

My bestie Matt and I rewound those tapes over and over and over to hear the awesome over-the-bar key change and those rocking riffs.

Sigh. Takes me back.

Sit back and enjoy :)

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