Thursday, May 17, 2018

NYC Lawyer Has A Problem With Speaking Spanish In Mid-Town

This video went viral yesterday showing a 30-something white male berating two women for speaking Spanish in a Manhattan lunch spot.

Again - two women having a private conversation at lunch speaking Spanish. Freedom of what?

The white guy decided you can only speak English in his presence. Even if he's not a part of your conversation.


It didn't take the Twitterverse long to determine this guy happens to be New York City lawyer, Aaron Schlossberg.

And it didn't take the New York Post and local station WPIX long to find the very opinionated Mr. Schlossberg today.

Life comes at you fast, huh, Aaron? take a look into the man that is Aaron Schlossberg here.

It won't surprise you to hear Mr. Schlossberg donated to Donald Trump's campaign.

Intrepid Twitter folks found this older video from 2016 where Schlossberg called a complete stranger "an ugly fucking foreigner." It seems Mr. Schlossberg likes yelling at people who are "different" from him.


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