Thursday, May 3, 2018

2018 LGBT Pride Nights At Major League Baseball

As warm weather finally truly arrives in the month of May, sports fans know we are in the heat of baseball season.

And (most) LGBT baseball fans can look forward to at least one night out where their local team hosts an event just for them.

Outsports reports that 21 of the 30 MLB teams will be hosting some type of Pride event especially for their LGBT fans.

And if you're a Chicago Cubs fan, you get two LGBT nights (Pride Day - June 10; Out at Wrigley - August 26).

For the most part, however, the events are scheduled to coincide with Pride Month in June.

The majority of these events are coordinated with the team and local organizations, although some, like the Kansas City Royals, have a grassroots-organized Pride Night.

Nine teams, unfortunately, do not have plans to hold any special night for LGBT fans. Those include the Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels and the Texas Rangers.


According to Outsports, only three teams have never had any type of Pride Night: Los Angeles Angels, Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees.

Click here for a complete list (at this writing) of Pride Night events hosted by MLB teams this season.

And even if you don't understand the game all that well, remember there's other reasons to take in a baseball game - like the players :)

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Plus, you never know who's gonna get caught on the Kiss Cam:

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