Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Out Music: Rosendale "Divine"

Indie singer/songwriter Rosendale recently dropped his latest pop single, "Divine," which celebrates LGBT love and equality.

Rosendale says the message of the video (featuring hip hop & contemporary choreography danced by two same-sex couples) is that "love, regardless of what form it takes, should always persist in the face of criticism and prejudice."

According to Rosendale, the choreography (which is terrific) represents the struggles and joys of being in an LGBT relationship as well as the shame that society places on LGBTs.

The lyrics of "Divine" reference aspects of organized religion along the way:

Let every pastor speak
Let every preacher preach
You'll be my church
And I’ll be your divine

You can follow Rosendale on Facebook here and check out his YouTube channel here where he's racked up over 8 million views; official website here.

Take a listen below.

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