Sunday, January 14, 2018

Video: This Is What Trump Supporters Think About His "Shithole Countries" Comment

Seriously with Maryann

UPDATE: Miss Maryann must have taken down her videos but another source posted the video, so it's back up for all to see below.


While half the country (and much of the world) is appalled at Donald Trump's now-infamous "shithole countries" comment regarding folks coming to the U.S. from places like Haiti and Africa, this clip has gone viral on Facebook.

Check out "Seriously with Maryann" via Facebook, kids.

While some Trumpers try and explain his comments and tactics, I honestly think THIS is the true character of his base.

By the way, in the clip "Maryann" asks why people are coming to the United States from around the world. The fact that she even poses the question reveals she doesn't understand why America is great.

Just - watch. This is how we got here.

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