Monday, December 11, 2017

Redneck Liberal: Roy Moore Is A Poorly Written Villian From Dukes Of Hazard

"Liberal Redneck" Trae Crowder is looking ahead to tomorrow's special election in Alabama to replace now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and like usual, he gets right to the heart of the matter.

Just a bit from Crowder

"The people of Alabama's choices are Democrat Doug Jones, and a poorly written villain from a fucking Dukes of Hazzard episode.

"Seriously y'all, even when you take into account that the man that they’re replacing is a f**king Hobbit from an alternate universe where JRR Tolkien owns slaves, Roy Moore is an unbelievable bag of sh*t.

"He’s a judge who’s been kicked off the bench twice for refusing to do his job, he’s taken money from his own non-profit, he’s openly admitted that he thinks the last time America was great was before the Civil War, he thinks all legislation should be drafted by Jesus, and he presumably believes that the Devil invented dinosaurs and gay people.”

Watch below.

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