Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump Congratulates Governor Of Guam On Becoming Famous Via North Korea Threat

The New York Post reports that President Trump called the governor of Guam on Friday to reassure him that as an American territory, the U.S. is at the ready to protect the residents of the island paradise.

Trump, who is personally obsessed with fame, made a point to tell the governor that he's world famous now thanks to the attentions of North Korea.

Trump opened the conversation by telling Calvo, “Good morning, good morning. Great to speak with you. Good morning. I just wanted to pay my respects and we are with you 1,000. You are safe. We’re with you 1,000 percent. I just wanted to call and say hello.”

Trump later says, “We’re going to do a great job for you. All over the world they’re talking about Guam. Tourism is going to go up ten fold. It looks beautiful.” Calvo agrees. “It’s paradise.” And he told the former hotel magnate, “We have 95 percent occupancy and after all of this stuff calms down we’re going to have 110 percent occupancy.”

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