Sunday, August 27, 2017

California Bakery Refuses To Make Same-Sex Wedding Cake

A local bakery in Bakersfield, California, has received criticism for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple's special day.

The owner of Tastries Bakery has said she chose not to create the cake because of her beliefs.

Owner Cathy Miller told reporters from the local ABC affiliate, "Here at Tastries, we love everyone. My husband and I are Christians, and we know that God created everyone and he created everyone equal. So it's not that we don't like people of certain groups of people, there are just certain things that violate my conscience."

Miller also said she referred the couples to a competing bakery who would be willing to take on the order.

I can hear the haters now: "Why can't the gays just go to another bakery? Why make a stink about this?"

That logic would be as lame as asking African-Americans in the 1960s, "Why can't you just find another place to eat instead of my 'Whites Only' lunch counter?"

Watch the news report at this link.

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