Monday, July 24, 2017

Trump's Monday Morning Twitter Rant

Donald Trump got off to a raring Monday morning as he took to Twitter (where else?) to attack a number of personal irritants including Hillary Clinton, Rep. Adam Schiff and his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Of course, the reason Hillary Clinton isn't being investigated is that there was a year long investigation which found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Plus, she hasn't held a position in government in over four years whereas the Trumpster is actually the president.

And how about the use of the word "beleaguered?" After attacking Sessions in his NY Times interview last week, and this comment, I think Trump is now trying to get Sessions to resign.

I think it's rich that a man who boasts about grabbing pussies, and leers at Miss Universe contestants can call Schiff "sleazy."

Schiff responded with class:

Yesterday, Trump took swipes at his own party for not "protecting" him. How are Republicans supposed to "protect" him?

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