Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trump Contradicts Secretary Of State, Plans "Cyber Security Unit" With Russia

Now that he's back on American soil having returned from the G20 summit, Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to thoroughly confuse the world with messages that contradict each other.

First, Trump says he "pressed President Putin twice about Russian meddling in our election. He vehemently denied it. I've already given my opinion…"

Not sure if that means he takes Putin at his word that he didn't order election interference (when our intel community says he did) or not. The Russian Foreign Minister told press that Trump was "satisfied" by Putin's denials. No top White House aide has disputed that claim.

Trump goes on to say he "discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded and safe."

So, he's going to team up with Putin to make sure election hacking will be guarded and safe? Or does he mean "guard against" election hacking?

And why would you team up with the guy who cyber-hacked our elections?

Isn't that like the FBI asking the Mafia to form an anti-crime unit?

And finally, Trump says "sanctions were not discussed." But this contradicts Tillerson, who told reporters sanctions were discussed between Trump and Putin.

Just another day in this wacky, tacky Trump world.

Of course, folks were inclined to chime in:

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