Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump Worried As Democrat Jon Ossoff Leads By 25 Points Leading Up To Today's Special Election In Georgia

Pensive President Trump

President Trump must be worried about the special Congressional election happening in Georgia today to fill now Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price's vacant seat.

A Democrat, Jon Ossoff, is leading the pack of 17 running for Georgia's 6th congressional district seat.

Averaging a 25 point lead in polling, Ossoff would need to win 50% today to avoid a runoff with the second place competitor.

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It would be an embarrassing blow to President Trump, and a possible sign of things to come in the 2018 elections, should a Democrat take the reliably red Congressional seat.

Trump's concerns are evident by his four tweets in less than 24 hours on the election.

While Ossoff has never held office, the 30 year-old has the bona fides to validate his run: grew up in Georgia, earned his undergrad degree from prestigious Georgetown's School of Foreign Service, a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics; was a national security aide to Rep. Hank Johnson; and he interned for Rep. John Lewis.

I watched Ossoff make an appearance yesterday on a cable news channel and was very impressed. He's clearly in his element.

In theory, Ossoff will lead the pack today. Only question is can he get to 50% and avoid a runoff?

If he's forced to a runoff, expect all the Republicans to pull together against him, and that could be tough. Republican Karen Handel has consistently held the number two spot in polls. I would imagine she would head into a runoff with Ossoff were he not able to cross the 50% threshold.

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